About Us

Yeni Fidan Construction Ltd. Co. has successfully completed many projects in housing construction field in various regions of Turkey and has presented the state of the art technologic, architectural aesthetic comfort and quality living areas to the like of its customers and has gained great liking and demand in a short period.

By this means, while we offer service with the same superior expertise and radical experience in our continuing projects, we believe that each new project we complete add brand new values to life and our institutional accumulation that aims to make life better. 

By aiming customer satisfaction at the highest level, each new institution and each new individual for whom we provide service join us as an essential part of the chain of these values.

We promise to achieve the new targets of the future securely.

Our vision  
Our vision is to have respect to humans and nature and provide individuals to benefit from modernism, architecture and technology at the highest level and by this means to transfer our living architecture philosophy to living practice without overlooking that we will form an example to the whole world.

Our mission  

  • To comply with the standards related with architecture, technical specification, administrative and legislative conditions, construction techniques and art, earthquake and energy regulations,
  • To keep up with technology closely and apply it to our structures and consider customer necessities and expectations in order to make customer satisfaction lasting 
  • To complete our projects during the promised period, to comply with the effective laws and regulations to achieve job safety of our workers who are the most valuable domestic source 
  • To train our workers with the care we place to educated human quality at every level, to prepare and implement required education programs in order to follow up the developing world technology  
  • By implementing progress principles continuously, to develop success and experience, and to carry them to national and international arena and to take our place among the leading companies in the sector