Employee Oriented  

- By contributing to the development of our colleagues we work with, forming the carrier targets together
- Contributing to the employees / company development with the team work and “WE” consciousness
- Becoming a part of the solution, not the problem
- Preparing a cheerful and positive energy giving, highly motivating work environment

Development Oriented  

- To share our experiences and find novel methods in order to improve our service quality
- To grow day by day and improve our productivity in the light of technological developments and progress in the sector
- To train our young employees according to the creativity, hardworking and honesty rules of our Company culture
- To enable working of our employees as individuals, who are ready to use authorizations granted to them and ready to take responsibility as self-confident and open to communication

Our Salary Policy  

Weekly Leave: It is taken once a week as one day pursuant to the effective Labor Law. Since weekly leaves differ based on the units, it is planned according to the unit director and work situation
Annual Leave: The leaves determined as per Labor Law are implemented.
- Starting from the work start date at the work place, the following leaves are earned in the trial period
- 20 work days for persons who worked more than 5 years and less than 15 years,
- Annually 26 work days for persons who worked for 5 years and more.

Application Form
In order to apply to our company, you can send your CV to the address: yenifidaninsaat.com.tr 




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